How to Remove Duplicates from Photostick?

Remove Duplicates from Photostick: The PhotoStick is a neat innovative bit of invention that is a tiny USB drive and might not seem to be so useful to a random observer. That is until they go on to find out the huge benefits it offers. Even though it is optimised for storing various media files on it, essentially the PhotoStick can be used to back up virtually any kind of file.

Photostick is one of the most unique photo backup gadgets created. It offers a convenient way to backup photos and videos almost instantly. Thus this device can be used by anyone for photo backup. Once you use the photo stick, you’ll no longer have to worry about photos or videos.

How about backing up these images? The abrupt death of the hard disk or a venomous virus is enough to trash away these memories. And you surely don’t want to let that happen. How do you take preventive measures? You purchase a PhotoStick that fits your budget and needs, and back it up with all the important bit of data.

A wide range of PhotoStick devices is available for computers as well as the most popularly used smartphones of these days. This means that this device will have no compatibility issues should you ever switch from a Windows-based system to a Mac, or from an iPhone to an Android-powered one. The biggest PhotoStick you can get for a smartphone is 64 GB, and for a computer/ laptop, a staggering 1 TB!

We’ve covered the benefits PhotoStick offers and the circumstances that might lead one to go for it in sufficient detail. Now let’s switch to the problem at hand.

Remove Duplicates from Photostick

If you were to backup photos to the PhotoStick, a day will come when duplicates will find a footing sooner or later. Duplicate data has become a reality today and cannot be ignored. You can follow the best practices like keeping your data organized neatly, but even that does not assure you of a duplicate free database forever.

This leaves us with only 1 option of having a way out to deal with duplicates. The manual way is doable, and a decent solution if you’re dealing with a few dozen images at max. However, if you were to come across a PhotoStick device littered with duplicates here and there, you will be left with no room for the manual solution at all.

This means you can either go for a reputed third-party solution or employ the in-house duplicate preventing option provided by PhotoStick. Let’s look at both of these in some detail.

The Native Functionality

This feature is designed to prevent the copying of duplicate images into the PhotoStick on a then and there basis. Basically, the PhotoStick app will scan your entire computer and copy all the images into a single location on the PhotoStick USB. If it encounters any duplicates during the process, it only copies the oldest image and simply disregards the others. You can easily setup the PhotoStick app to do the needful.

  1. Simply plug in the PhotoStick device and install the app.
  2. Now launch the PhotoStick app.
  3. Navigate to the ThePhotoStick Settings and Options section and open up the Options tab.
  4. Select the radio box for Consolidate all files into a single directory.
  5. Also, select the checkbox for Skip duplicates.

Sounds all good? But how about slightly modified versions of an image file that have been marked as duplicates and so PhotoStick app won’t copy them. You surely won’t be happy to find this out if you’re a pro graphics designer, professional photographer etc. Also, how exactly does the app determine 2 images to be duplicate? Does it only take into account the filename or it actually examines the images as well? This is a really crucial one. Let’s head to our next solution that will satisfy you on all ends.

How to Buy Photo Stick

You can buy this product through the manufacturer’s website, and this is actually the way we recommend you get it. You’ll get the best deals by purchasing from the manufacturer rather than through third party. The official website offers occasional deals and deep discounts that you can take advantage of, and it would be very difficult for a middleman or a third party to offer these kinds of low price points for the three different models of Photosticks.

If you buy the product through a third-party website or through a retailer outside of the manufacturer, you are putting yourself at risk for being ripped off. Like we already covered, there are some competitors to the Photo Stick. There are also some knockoffs out there. A product this well-received will often have some fake counterparts, and you will see this same warning appear in other Photo Stick reviews. There is a market out there for even cheaper Photo Stick products, and some people will be deceived by cheap imitations. That doesn’t have to happen to you if you buy from the official manufacturer and not bother with the third parties. You will pay less, be able to take advantage of the money-back guarantee and not have to worry about being ripped off by an unreliable imitation.

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