BuzzBGone Reviews – Does Buzz B Gone Insect Zapper Mosquito Trap Really Work?

Bugs. Those little irritating insects that do not seem to respect boundaries at all no matter how hard you wave your hands around or throw things at them, trying to scare them away. Someone might think you are going crazy. Mosquitoes are the worst, you will agree. With their high pitched buzzing sounds, you might want to rip your ears off your head to stop hearing the tiny creature.

These superbugs are also getting smarter every day. The new invention developed to curb their malice seems to work for a while and then break down due to one reason or another. You cannot expect a restaurant, for example, to have a mosquito net, can you? That would not appeal to the customers trying to enjoy their evening at all.

I can happily say that the wait for the perfect invention is over. With a new bug trapper and killer called Buzz B-Gone, your peace of mind is achievable sooner than you can imagine.


What is BuzzBGone?

Buzz B-Gone is a USB enabled insect or bug trapper that gets rid of those tiny bugs to form your favorite place, be it an office or your humble apartment, or even on the rooftop where you are holding that reunion party with your friends. It is cylindrical and also lightweight material that is convenient to be carried around even by a kid.

Mosquito Zapper Benefits

It is so small it can fit in your palm. It has a USB port and a charger to get power supply. You can connect the charger while you are indoors and use a power bank while you are hanging out outdoors. The power supplied to the device connects to a series of tiny LED bulbs that are used to generate the Ultra Violet (UV) light that attracts the bugs towards it.

Buzz B-Gone also has powerful fans that whirl around with super-fast speeds. The fans create air suction around the device. When the insects approach the equipment, they suck into the machine. The cylinder beneath the openings in the device collects the insects. The speed at which the insects are sucked into the cylinder kills them without using any harmful insecticides that would probably cause irritation and harm the user. It is, therefore, 100% safe to use.

What are the Specifications of Buzz B Gone?

Let’s take a look into the specifications of this mosquito and bug zapper

Dimension17cm by 13cm
Voltage5 volts – 1A
Range coverageup to 40 meters
SetupQuick 2 minutes setup; plug and play
Technology360-degree UV light advanced technology
PortsPlugs into any USB-device, including chargers and mobile cell phones
Clean upOne minute clean up
Toxicity100% Non-Toxin anti-mosquito device

What are the parts of this device?

For a better understanding of this device, we have decided to add a well labelled diagram to this review

buzzbgone parts review

The device has more features than we can list. But to start, Buzz B Gone advertises the following key features and benefits:

  • USB Cable and Port. Each unit of BuzzBGone comes with a USB port and cable so that the device can be easily charged after each lengthy use. Not only that, but the unique battery charging system means that the product can be charged via a multitude of sources, including electrical outlets, car chargers, computers, and more.
  • 360-Degree Fan. As mentioned in an earlier section, BuzzBGone features a sturdy 360-degree fan that has been designed to easily suck a variety of flying bugs into the internal mechanism. The fan is extremely effective, according to existing product reviews for this device.
  • Efficient Working Mechanism. A whole host of studies have shown that high-grade UV light sources can attract bloodsuckers (such as mosquitoes) towards itself in a highly efficient manner.
  • Easy to Use. Unlike a whole host of zappers that require users to run around a room trying to kill insects, BuzzBGone is extremely easy to use and can be used by adults and children alike. In order to deploy, all users have to do is plug in the machine into any electrical outlet (or USB port) and activate it. Charging is also extremely easy and can be done in a totally hassle-free manner.
  • Portability. Thanks to its compact size and design, the device is extremely portable.

Features of BuzzBGone

Let’s take a look at the features of this life-saving machine in detail in the section below.

  • Simple to Operate – BuzzBGone is an easy to operate machine. All that needs to be done after unboxing the device is to plug it in a preferred location and then enjoy a mosquito free environment. 
  • Safe Machine – As discussed in the section above, BuzzBGone is an absolutely safe machine to use. It is free from toxins and harmful chemicals that may inflict irreversible damages on the health silently, without the victim noticing until the side-effects show up in a full blow.
  • Ultra-Violet Blue Light Technology – BuzzBGone uses the power of Ultraviolet Blue Light as a powerful shield against blood sucking mosquitos. This light is emitted in a 360-degree angle, all around the machine, making it appear very attractive to the insects.
  • Uses a Powerful Fan – The fan instilled in the design of BuzzBGone is very powerful, which makes sure that the device is capable of sucking in all insects that get close to its light. Just like the UV light, the fans also work at a 360-degree motion, sucking in insects from all around BuzzBGone.
  • Quiet machine – All the features and characteristics of BuzzBGone would have been lost if it was a loud machine. But luckily for its users, BuzzBGone is contemplated to operate at a minimal sound, making it a very suitable machine to be used overnight without hearing any annoying noises.
  • Sturdy and durable – As it was intended to be used both indoor and outdoor, the team behind its design have constructed BuzzBGone in a very sturdy structure. The framework is made using high quality components, making BuzzBGone a long-lasting and a dependable machine.
  • Lightweight and easy to clean – BuzzBGone is a very portable and lightweight insect zapping machine. This allows users to relocate it wherever they want without any second thoughts. 

BuzzBGone Working Mechanism and Components 

The device has basically three to four different components. Buzz B-Gone has: 

  • A UV light 
  • 360 degree rotating fan 
  • Basket 
  • Dehydrator 

Here are the steps in which this insect zapper works: 

  1. Attracts – first of all, this device attracts mosquitoes toward itself by means of its UV light. 
  2. Kills – all the mosquitoes that are attracted toward the light are captured in the 360 degree rotating fan. 
  3. Traps – the mosquitoes that are not killed but trapped get collected in the removable basket of the device. 
  4. Dehydrates – Buzz B Gone zapper dehydrates the live and trapped mosquitoes of water as a dehydrator is attached. In this manner, it kills all mosquitoes around it.

What are the benefits of BuzzBGone

BuzzBGone Order Now

Let’s see some reasons you need to consider this device as the perfect match for you this season

  • Utility aspect: This equipment can be operated with great ease. There is no need for any prior training or knowledge to use it.
  • Completely safe: It doesn’t involve any pesticides or insecticides. So you do not have to worry about poisoning. You can use it near food or in kitchen areas without any safety hazards.
  • Health: Mosquitoes has been known to cause malaria over the world, which doesn’t stop there but can progress to death of the person if not treated well. This malaria can be avoided, you know the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’. why try to cure a disease when you can prevent it.
  • Portable: BuzzB-Gone is compact and can be carried from one place to another without any issues. You can put it inside a bag, and you will be good to go. So there is no need to carry the cumbersome mosquito net wherever you go.
  • Efficiency: It is a highly efficient product in getting rid of the bugs. The UV light ensures that the insects are attracted to it, and they finally get trapped in it.
  • No Dangerous Chemicals: Unlike mosquito sprays this device emits no dangerous chemicals. Most of the chemicals found in mosquito sprays are dangerous to human health and can cause poisoning. Even worse some of those chemicals are carcinogens meaning they can cause cancer down the line.
  • Family Safety: You know the saying ‘while save one when you can save all’. You won’t fill any better if one person in your home is suffering from the dreaded disease called malaria. With  this you are sure, your family is totally safe from mosquito bites which means safe from malaria disease.
  • Affordability: Unlike some other repellents or zappers that can rip open your bank account, this device is very affordable. I’m certain you wont see so much efficiency at an affordable price somewhere else

Why is BuzzBGone becoming increasingly popular?

Summers and outdoor fun go hand in hand in most areas across the United States but mosquitos can spoil the entire experience within mere seconds. The infectious bites of these insects can tarnish any joyful and light moment with the constant itching and allergic reactions that they can trigger in some typically sensitive people.

The threat that mosquitos pose to the health of individuals can be seen in the fact that they are responsible for causing the largest number of deaths across the world when compared with other animals or insects.

According to some well researched reports, about a million people die each year as a result of the infections they contact due to mosquito bites. 

Zika virus for example, is one such disease that is spread by mosquitoes which is typically harmful for pregnant women and their unborn child.  The virus eventually leads to a life-long mental under-development of the baby, often accompanied by physical incompetency. It is a hard to digest fact that such a small insect has the power to destroy an innocent life for as long as they breathe and live in this world, but it is a crude reality.

Other dangerous infections like malaria, chikungunya and dengue can also become life threatening if people with a weak immunity are bitten by mosquitos. For all those who are lucky enough to dodge these infections, the least bothersome, but still annoying, bumps and marks that appear on the skin after an insect bite are a nuisance in their own.

All of these realities clearly point to the factual threat that is posed by these insects to the health and life of everyone who comes under their attack. This makes an efficient insect killer like BuzzBGone a necessary shield against the diseases that are spread by mosquito bites.

With BuzzBGone around, there will be no more mosquitos to haunt people or destroy a get together or even some alone time with its powerful insect zapping technology. 

Taking a look at other options for keeping mosquitos at bay shows the necessary features they lack and some of the added dangers they pose to the health of their users. 

Take tiki torches for example, in order to work, require fuel. This is a huge fire hazard especially with kids running around, or with grills or ovens in the vicinity. In addition, the fumes emitted by them or even oil lamps are sighted as major reasons for respiratory distress following accidental inhalation.

Similarly, aerosol sprays and insecticides are a huge health hazard for pets on coming with direct contact with the area of treatment. 

These are also inflicting significant damage to the environment with their harmful ingredients.

All of these factors associated with other substitutes make BuzzBGone a safe, effective and successful solution to combat mosquitos.

What is so special about Buzz b gone?

Imagine relaxing with your family outside, enjoying nice weather, maybe reading a book or playing board games. What a wonderfully spent time—yet, one issue occurs. You are swarmed by mosquitos.

Usually, people would blame themselves for not having repellent in a pocket or, if they had one, they would spray the repellent into clean air, that way releasing a toxic chemical called DEET into the environment. This chemical was proved to be harmful to humans, and especially to pets. It means that by trying to avoid bites, a person poisons family, friends, kids and their pets and everything around. But everything changes with eco-friendly Buzz b gone!

Buzz b gone lures insects in by using UV light technology, then—making sure that no insect will escape from it—zaps them with phototaxis wavelengths. This anti-mosquito gadget only requires power from plug outlet, computer, power bank or any other device via USB port. Therefore, there is no need to worry about batteries. After plugging the device into a port, relax, and let it do the rest. It’s that simple!

It’s portable, clean, fast and reliable! No more chemicals or mess! Using this device, you will enjoy warmth outside without worrying about being bitten!

BuzzBGone vs Other Mosquito Repellents/Insect Zappers

Over the years, many products have been made in order to keep the mosquitoes at bay. They include incense coils, mosquito repellent lotions, aerosol sprays, and electric zappers. Starting with incense coils, they are the oldest products in this list. They have to be burned and their smoke is known to keep mosquitoes away. They are the least effective compared to everything else here and, since they have smoke, they can cause fresh air congestion when used indoors.

Mosquito repellent lotions come next. They look like regular lotion except that they repel mosquitoes. Now, they are more effective than incense coils but they often have a strong smell that most people aren’t that fond of. Having the smell at home may be fine but when going out especially to a formal event, that stench may come off as unpleasant.

Aerosol sprays are probably the most effective method in this list especially for indoors. They just need to be sprayed once in a room and they can effectively kill all mosquitoes present. However, that comes at a price of toxic vapors that can be injurious to health even if most sprays claim to be non toxic.

Lastly, electric zappers are the most effective for outdoor settings. As their name suggests, they are connected to electricity and then kill mosquitoes that are attracted to it via a UV light. They may be perfect for public places but at homes, they run a risk of young kids getting an electric shock while curiously touching it. They also look industrial and may interfere with the aesthetics of the house.

Why choose buzzB-gone over other repellents or insect sprays?

BuzzB-gone has a very natural mechanism of functions. It’s completely chemical or poison free. It neither has to be used directly on the body nor has any risk of inhalation as with some bug sprays, therefore it is allergy free. It is safe for both kids and adults. It’s portability is also an advantage and quite unlike some repellents, you don’t have to go about with chemical stinks on you.

A friend told me a story of a day she went for an outdoor dinner party. She had anticipated mosquitoes would be there for their(mosquitoes) dinner too, so she equipped herself by applying repellants all over her body. She also put a touch of perfume in her routine manner and went for the dinner party. She said that after the dinner party, an old time friend she sat beside, had come up to her to advice on how to avoid body odours. She didn’t know how to explain it was the repellents. This is definitely not the case with ‘buzzB- gone’. 

Who is Buzz b gone for?

BuzzB- gone can be used by all and sundry. It’s safe for people of all ages. Basically, this product is for people who are tired of missing their summer camping for fear of mosquitoes, people who are tired of avoiding dinner parties in a bid to avoid mosquito bites, people who have abandoned their backyards to mosquitoes and other bugs, people who do not want to apply repellents to their bodies anymore, people who can not stand their body looking like they are suffering from chronic virulence due to mosquitoes’ stings and also people who mosquitoes disturb their peace in any way.

However, I think it’s proper to state again that the product is not effective to be used in large buildings like churches, restaurants or other areas beyond it’s coverage. This is due to its portable size. In such cases, the bulky conventional bug zapper is recommended if you’re not on a budget.

How safe and Effective is Buzz b gone?

Buzz B Gone is 100% safe to use around your kids and pets. As it does not use any chemicals to kill the insects, it has no side-effect on humans. This is much safe for everyone, even for children who touch everything around the house.

The 360 degrees powerful fan sucks all the insects and mosquitoes into the cylinder and kills them. Therefore, this product is safer and more effective than others.

How It Works

BuzzBGone is different from a conventional insect zapping system or chemical-based insect killer. Instead of using chemicals to attract and kill insects, BuzzBGone uses a UV light system.

How Does Buzz B Gone Work
  • Step 1) The UV light attracts mosquitoes to the device. Ultraviolet light at a specific wavelength attracts mosquitos, which think the UV light is a living organism (i.e. a food source). Mosquitos and other insects fly towards the light hoping to get an easy meal.
  • Step 2) Once within range, the mosquitos get sucked into the BuzzBGone’s vortex. The unit has a small, quiet fan inside that sucks flying insects out of the air, forcing them through the grates of the device.
  • Step 3) Mosquitos get trapped inside and cannot escape (they cannot fly past the fan). The insects eventually die due to dehydration (the fan removes moisture from the air).

BuzzBGone is designed to be portable. It’s a small device – not a large mosquito killer like some of the higher-end units available today. You can run the device over any USB charger – like the ordinary USB charger that comes with your phone.

Once you’re satisfied that BuzzBGone has removed all insects from the air, you can leave the device running to ensure all insects are dead. Or, you can empty the trap immediately. After a few days, your Buzz B Gone mosquito killer should have dozens of dead bugs at the bottom, leaving you with an insect-free home.

Where to buy Buzz b gone

This Buzz b gone Review will not be complete if we fail to guide you on the safest place to buy this product assuming you’ve made up your mind to buy. This mosquito repellant can only be gotten online and to avoid falling prey to some fake individuals it is advised you buy this product directly from the manufacturer’s official siteBuying from the official site also gives you the opportunity to gain access to any offer available for this product.

Multiple payment options are available including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc. and your payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

*Update* Buzz-B gone is currently having an ongoing promo. 50% off your order today. 
The promo is on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you delay, you might end up missing out and paying full price

BuzzBGone Reviews

We found several BuzzBGone customer reviews and testimonials. Most of the customers are expressing their satisfaction with this amazing device. On the product’s website, there was also a number of reviews, with the device getting an average star rating of 4.1. While there was some negative feedback from some customers, it’s safe to conclude that BuzzBGone is one of the most efficient bug killers you can hope to find on the market today.

What are the Pros and Cons of Buzz B gone?

In this section of this review, we will take a look at some of the pros and cons of this bug zapper.

It is very easy to use and maintainIt is unlikely to cover very large spaces like ware house due to its portable size,
It functions using a natural mechanismIt is currently sold online and stock seems to be limited
So far, it has recorded very high success rates
It is noise free and portable
It does not pose any threat to the health of you and your family.
It is very portable

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Buzz B-Gone used?

To use this bug-killing device, simply plug it into an outlet and let it go to work. It might need to be regularly cleaned, but it can work for as long as it’s being plugged in. As the device works, it draws insects in using its UV light and suction fan before killing the insects by dehydration.

How is Buzz B Gone cleaned?

This product can be easily cleaned. Simply pop the reservoir out, empty the bugs into the trash or outside, and then rinse the inside of the device with water and possibly some soap. It doesn’t need to be cleaned much, and users can decide how often they want to detach and clean-out the inside of the model.

Does BuzzBGone really work?

Yes! UV light attracts mosquitoes by the hundreds, and the suction fan is both quiet and effective. The combination of these two tech features means that consumers will have a constant influx of mosquitoes being killed by the patented design of BuzzBGone. Using this product should quickly put an end to the user’s flying insect problem.

Who should use Buzz B-Gone?

Anyone who suffers from repeated mosquito bites should use this insect-killer. In particular, consumers living in tropical areas of the world might be extra prone to being hurt by dangerous disease-carrying flying mosquitoes. But anyone can be impacted by the irritating bites and noises created by mosquitos. Consequently, BuzzBGone can be used by anybody.

How long will it take before I get my BuzzBGone?

This totally depends on your country. Normally it within a week you should have it. But because of the pandemic, countries who are still experiencing lockdown might revives theirs within two weeks. This is very understandable!

Is it completely harmless to my health?

It has been tested several times and concluded to be completely harmless. So many children are using this right now without any problem and it is very easy to use. 

How does BuzzBGone attract bugs?

BuzzBGone uses a UV light and a suction fan to attract and trap bugs. Flying insects like mosquitos are naturally attracted to UV light, while the powerful fan pulls them into the device to their death. The combination of these two technological components helps to create an effective means of destroying buzzing insects.

What are the Main Pros vs Cons of the Buzz B Gone Insect Zapper?

Research indicates insects are attracted to UV light, and it was only logical for the BuzzBGone makers to enhance this and package it. The light attracts them to the device. With an inbuilt suction fan rotating, it creates a light suction field around the device. The light draws the annoying creatures closer, and they get sucked into the unit in a split second. And you are bug-free for the rest of the night.
Every UV light mosquito zapper has two sides, so does the BuzzBGone bug killing trap unit. Here is a parting summary before getting into how to receive an introductory pricing offer on the Buzz B Gone at 50% off today.

Buzz B Gone Reviews Verdict

All in all, Buzz B Gone insect zapper is a great way to fight insects and the diseases they bring along. Its easy to use and set up is all immediate. Most of all, its hassle free to use. Plus, you dont have to worry about change batteries or accidental inhaling since the product comes with a USB charging port and UV light killing mechanism. Best of all, it is available at a discounted price on the official website here.

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